We would like to share with you some of the comments from the families Amy’s Retreat has helped…

“We had the privilege of having a holiday at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs last June through Amy’s Retreat and it was wonderful to see my son Nick relaxing so completely as we all did on that break. We have since returned again this January 09 and are hoping to book another weekend in October this year!”

Hazel Ward and son Nick

“Amy’s Retreat really helped my family out when I was ill by paying for us to go to Center Parcs and we are all very thankful for the support provided.”

Jordan Nilek

“You do an amazing job there and we, as I am sure all families do, really appreciated the break. This break meant so much to the 3 of us, to not be in hospital, be away and in such a relaxed and gorgeous environment.”

Tracey, Adam and Ryan Piggott